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The fresh and trusting German audioguide voice for 
  • audio guide providers looking for a reliable voice artist
  • museums that love fair licensing models
  • city marketers who want a ready-to-use professional recording

Find the perfect tone of voice
for your audio guide

Whether it's anecdotes or impressive facts - take your listeners on an entertaining acoustic journey in the audio guide. With a voice color that perfectly matches the content and format. Hear yourself through my versatile audio guide styles and find the one that best suits your project.

Test right now directly whether your preferred tone of voice also fits your audio guide. Request your custom demo with a few lines of your text for free and without obligation.

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Your "wow" audio guide recording

Since each audio guide project is unique, simply select the features that make sense for you. However, every audio guide recoring that leaves my studio comprises 9 features. Namely, those that make your life easier, content entertaining and your the listeners happy.

These 9 features are included with every recording
  • Public or advertisting license, so that you can reach flexibly more people
  • 24 h or 48 h delivery, so that you can keep to your schedule even for short-term projects
  • Ready-to-use audio file, so that you can use the file directly without further post-processing
  • Separate audio files, that you can import into your audio guide software in scenes or sentences
  • Live direction, where you can create the perfect recording for your audio guide with me by phone or Skype
  • Royalty free background music, that puts the icing on the cake of your audio guide
  • English version, so that you can also have international learning content voiced from a single source

Your German voice over for Audio guides
Timo Saemann

Hey, ich bin Timo. Als Sprecher bringe ich deinen Audioguide, dich und deine Hörer zum Strahlen.

14+ Jahre leihe ich Marken von Apple bis Zalando meine Stimme und begeistere Audioguide-Anbieter, Museen und Stadt-Marketer mit meinem Service als Sprecher.

What particularly fascinates me about audio guides is the purely acoustic component. So only with the sound of my voice, possibly supplemented by sound design elements, to take the listener on a gripping journey. The audio guide content is as diverse as my tone of voice: from facts to emotional stories.

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Your questions answered quickly

Basically, you will receive your recording as quickly as you need it. The normal turnaround time for recordings of up to 60 minutes is 4 working days (Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays). For everey additional 30 minutes you can calculate with +1 working day.

4 factors determine the voice over price for your audio guide: the recording time (depending on the text length), the desired post-processing, how quickly you need the recording and where and how long you want to use the recording. 

Lade hier meine aktuelle Preisliste herunter. Alternativ erstelle ich dir gerne ein personal offer.

Thanks to the flexible license model, you decide where you want to use the audio guide. The decisive factor for the calculation is the range that you generate with the audio guide, i.e. whether it is only used non-commercially internally, or commercially or publicly.

For the majority of the audio guides, the "internal license" for an unlimited time is sufficient if the recording is shown in museums or during a factory tour. If you want to market the audio guide commercially, e.g. for a fee-based download via the Internet, this is also possible with the "public license" for an unlimited time. 

I am happy to create you a personal offer.