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2,000+ innovative brands inspire their target group with my voice

Consumer brands

From online retailers to classic consumer goods manufacturers - this selection of brands from the consumer sector entrust their valuable messages to my voice.

Amazon | Apple | dm | Dr. Oetker | LEGO | LIDL | McDonald’s | Miele | Otto | Zalando

Industry giants

Companies that have changed the world and are now setting the course for our digital future use my variety of voices - what an honor!

Audi | BMW | Bosch | Deutsche Bahn | Deutsche Lufthansa | ExxonMobil | Mercedes-Benz | Shell | Siemens | Volkswagen

Financial stars

How do I secure myself for a financially carefree future? As a voice artist, I was able to light up numerous digital products from innovative start-ups to these financial giants.

Aachen Münchener | Allianz | American Express | Basler | comdirect | Commerzbank | Consorsbank | Credit Suisse | Sparkasse | Union Investment

Health brands

In my view, this is about the most important thing in life: health. It is awesome to give my voice to innovations from well-known companies in the health sector.

AOK Plus | BIOMEDICA | BG ETEM | BKK Herkules | Hexal | INTER Versicherung | Lauer Fischer | MedicalContact | Roche | SBK

IT brands

This is where the heart of digitization beats. These brands lead us into the IT future with their innovative products and services.

ADLON Intelligent Solutions | Cisco | CompuGroup Medical | FORMAT Software Service | Porsche Informatik | Smartsteuer | Smart Technologies | SYSGO | Telekom | Wortmann

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