Your German voice over for Commercial who inspires!

The fresh and trusting German commercial voice for 
  • advertisting agencies that have tight deadlines
  • freelance designers who love flexible licensing models
  • marketing managers who want a ready-to-use professional recording

Diese Marken vertrauen auf meine Expertise als Werbesprecher

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Find the perfect tone of voice
for your commercial

You put a lot of passion into your commercial. So give it the finish it deserves: a voice color that perfectly matches the content. Listen to my versatile advertising styles and find the one that best suits your spot.

Test right now directly whether your preferred tone of voice also fits your commercial. Request your custom demo with a few lines of your text for free and without obligation.

Your "wow" commercial recording

Since each advertising project is unique, simply select the features that make sense for you. However, every commercial recoring that leaves my studio comprises 9 features. Namely, those that make your life easier, the brand stronger and your target group happy.

These 9 features are included with every recording
  • Public or advertisting license, so that you can reach flexibly more people
  • 24 h or 48 h delivery, so that you can keep to your schedule even for short-term projects
  • Ready-to-use audio file, so that you can use the file directly without further post-processing
  • Synced recording, that’s perfectly timed to your spot
  • Separate audio files, that you can import into your video program in scenes or sentences
  • Delivery as video file, so that you can publish your spot immediately
  • Live direction, where you can create the perfect recording for your commercial with me by phone or Skype
  • Royalty free background music, that puts the icing on the cake of your spot
  • English version, so that the brand is perceived acoustically uniform

Your German voice over for Commercials
Timo Saemann

Hey, ich bin Timo. Als Werbesprecher bringe ich deinen Werbespot, dich und deine Zielgruppe zum Strahlen. 15+ Jahre leihe ich Marken von Apple bis Zalando.

Ich liebe Werbung. Werbeblöcke in Radio und TV sind die perfekte Inspirationsquelle für mich. Welche Sprechstile sind gefragt? Wie funktionieren die Spots? Immer am Puls der Zeit, fließen so die aktuellen Trends und Entwicklungen auch in deinen nächsten Werbespot mit meiner Stimme ein. Perfekt für Spots, in denen es um innovative und digitale Lösungen geht. Überzeuge deine Zielgruppe mit meiner authentischen Stimme: frisch und vertrauensvoll. Jedes Wort, jede Sekunde deiner kurzen Botschaft ist kostbar – vertraue deinen Text deshalb meiner erfahrenen Werbestimme an. Spots für LEGO, Smartsteuer oder Royal Canin durfte ich als Sprecher bereits krönen.

Customer voices

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Your questions answered quickly

Basically, you will receive your recording as quickly as you need it. The normal turnaround time for spots with 60 seconds lengths is 4 working days (Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays). If time is running out, delivery in 48 or 24 hours is optional possible.

4 factors determine the voice over price for your commercial: the recording time (depending on the text length, for advertising, usually a maximum of 60 seconds), the desired post-processing, how quickly you need the recording and, the main factor in advertising, where and how long you want to use the recording. 

Lade hier meine aktuelle Preisliste herunter. Alternativ erstelle ich dir gerne ein personal offer.

Thanks to the flexible license model, you decide where you want to use your commercial. The decisive factor for the calculation is the range that you generate with your spot. The narrower you can limit the number of media used, the spatial and temporal use, the cheaper it will be. 

For almost all commercials, customers want a "public license" for unlimited use on their own channels. In addition, companies with a tight budget book the license "Paid advertising Internet 100k 1 year". This allows you to use the recording as a commercial on the Internet to generate up to 100,000 views within 1 year using the media budget on Google Ads, YouTube Pre-Roll, Facebook Sponsored Post etc. Companies that do not want to limit the number of views, book the license "Paid advertising Internet Germany 1 year". With this you can use the recording as a commercial on the Internet throughout Germany, regardless of the number of views for 1 year. You can also license unlimited use, as well as use on TV, radio, cinema or in Austria and Switzerland.

I am happy to create you a personal offer.