Nachträgliche Textänderungen

Intelligent insert process

Has the content of the spoken text changed? Then you will easily receive a new recording with the desired corrections from me in just 48 hours.

Thanks to my specially developed intelligent insert process, there is no need to re-record the entire text. Only the changed parts are re-recorded. And best of all: the sound of the new recordings cannot be distinguished from the original.

The intelligent insert process has two advantages for you:

  1. Your project still sounds like a single piece.
  2. You benefit from small re-recording prices.

Simple flat rates

The following simple all-inclusive prices for re-recordings / pick-ups include recording + editing as with the original recordings + turnaround in just 48 hours.

  • 15 sec.: 79 €
  • 30 sec.: 99 €
  • 1 min.: 119 €
  • 2 min.: 159 €
  • 3 min.: 199 €
  • 4 min.: 239 €
  • 5 min.: 279 €

The prices mentioned are plus legal VAT. The recording must not yet be published and it must have been less than 100 days since the final version was sent (calculated according to the sum of all words in the sentences to be changed). Otherwise the normal prices apply according to current price list.

Let's be inspired!

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