Turnaround time

Delivery on time

You will receive your recording reliably at the agreed time. All delivery dates are secured with a "double network" in Salesforce and Trello. So you can easily keep to your schedule for your project.

3 turaround time to choose from

Every project is unique. For some, the recording needs to be “yesterday”, while others are very relaxed in terms of time.
That is exactly why there are 3 turnaround times within my modular price model.
Choose the option that makes sense for your project.

4 working days

0 €

up to 60 min. text length
(+ 1 working day / another 30 min.)

48 hours

60 € / 10 min.

up to 90 min. text length

24 hours

90 € / 10 min.

up to 30 min. text length

The prices mentioned are plus legal VAT. The times refer to Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays. In the case of live direction, the turnaround time applies from the time of the appointment (time for editing after session: 24 hours up to 30 minutes of text length, 48 hours up to 90 minutes).

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